Rob & RumikaFor the past decade or so, I’ve been paying the bills as a software engineer/developer/architect (the titles change).  On the sly, I play at being a philosopher, musician, and essayist.  I grew up in the US, but my lovely wife Preeta and I decided to be adventurous and moved to France in 2006.

Now we live in a renovated post office in rural central France with our adopted dog, Bella, and our daughter Rumika (born in 2009).  Preeta writes her novels, I work on my projects (currently Patients Know Best and eMusicTheory), and we roam the countryside.

It doesn’t always make for interesting stories, but now and again I may get lucky.


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    Julia Drouart 29th June, 2010


    I just wanted to let you know that your website for Preeta is really cool and I am enjoying your blog too.


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